Do you love to write? I sure do. My name is Stephen Burner and I enjoy writing indigenous books and I love history. Writing isn’t as easy as picking up a pen and paper or typing away on a keyboard. You have to be able to feel it in your soul and know when to start and when to stop. I write books because I love bringing my imagination to life. I also enjoy teaching people how to be successful writers

My blog is full of helpful articles that talk about the fundamentals of writing, even if you’re just a freelance writer. Although, being a freelance writer isn’t always easy. If you are making it your career, you need to much more than just write the basics. I have a bunch of articles that talk about how to make your freelance career, successful.

If you’re a writer and you’re in a writer’s block, I can help you overcome this, too. There are helpful ways to get through it including getting out in the open, take a break, keep a dream journal, reach out, and just write about anything and let your mind wander. I hope that you find the materials on my blog helpful and that it makes you an even more successful writer.