Go on that Adventure

You’ve got writer’s block. It happens. Sitting at a desk or table for hours and staring at a blank page on a screen or in your lap doesn’t help create anything but frustration, just like pushing your creativity up against a brick wall won’t get you anything more than bruised creator’s ego. Sit back, take a moment, and think: when is the last time you’ve gone on an adventure?

Writers require stimulation to create, be it a fresh book or new life experiences. When the writer’s block is extreme, sometimes the solution needs to be just as out there. Give yourself permission to explore the world for just a moment. Your mind will thank you with renewed vigor.

A Different World at Night

White noise works to filter out intrusive and distracting sounds, building a buffer between you and the outside world. For some, this might take the form of listening to quiet music, static, or rainfall. Just as relaxation sound engineers use natural ambiance to bring the wind, rain, and waves to your home, you can just as easily go out into the world and find them for yourself.

Make a game plan. Pack food to match your adventure. Going overnight? Make sure you have a great dinner and breakfast as well. Just heading out for the evening? Pack a few light snacks, but nothing too heavy. Your blood needs to keep your brain firing, not getting distracted by digestion. Grab an old blanket as well. Bring bottled water, a sweatshirt just in case, and yes, your phone and charger.

Bring Your Phone

Why bring your phone? Because you’re a writer, not a hermit. Writers research, read, and jot notes at random intervals, whenever a good thought strikes. Don’t hamper yourself by shutting out all technology, but have the strength of will to put it down when the research is over. Download a note-taking app so those lighting-bolt thoughts don’t escape. Research the places you’re exploring and find inspiration in their histories. Bring along a paperback, or download one to your phone on a whim, just because.

The world is incredibly interconnected now, and mobile devices are plentiful and cheap. If you work best on a computer rather than pen or pencil and paper, you don’t need to sacrifice your methods. Toss a fully-charged laptop into your bag and head for the hills. With your phone and laptop, you can still reach the rest of the world for research. All you need is the wherewithal to set it aside and not let it distract you.

Get Out There

No matter where you live, there’s somewhere you haven’t explored, especially at night. Find a public overlook and take advantage of the soaring vista. Discover a comfortable park and spread out for a picnic and recharge. Explore a local wildlife preserve and settle down in a campground for a night under the stars. Don’t be afraid to put a few miles between you and home, just for a weekend, or even just a day.

Drive Safe

If you’re worried about nighttime driving safety, especially on unfamiliar roads or trails, the reviewers over at Lightbar Liaison have you covered with reviews of really good value. A dramatic shift in environment isn’t for everyone, but it’s an experience that you can prepare for and explore. Changing your environment is changing your viewpoint. Even if you’re not a naturalist or outdoorsy writer, embrace the perspective that distance can offer.


The idea behind this nighttime exploration is a reshaping of how your mind works. There are a million other ways to break writer’s block, but if this one sounds good to you and the others haven’t worked out, you should try it. If you’re not a driver or an explorer, that’s fine! Every writer should find what’s perfect for them, or maybe just perfect for now.