Unfreeze this Writer’s Block

To break down the barriers of writer’s block, first identify and acknowledge the specific obstacle, is the deadline of an article causing anxiety, are creative ideas tapped out, or are you unable to move past the climax of a story. There are many reasons people’s brains are paralyzed by the inability to formulate words on paper. The key is to find the best technique to overcome it. It may take multiple outlets or different methods to unlock this cage, but know many writers face this setback.

Keep A Dream Journal


What did you dream about last night? The moment you wake up, jot down images, conversations, and emotions experienced in your dream. The next time you are struggling for ideas or need creative inspiration, scroll through your journal of dreams to help generate new ideas. Since dreams are truly unique to you, why not utilize your subconscious mind for your day job. If it does not work for one project, it may, in turn, lead to something else.

Get up and get out


Staring at your vacant computer screen will most likely add to the frustration. Why not use the time to get some fresh air, look at nature, and pump up the heart rate. Rest your mind by changing your environment and gain a new perspective that will help unleash the block.

Play Hooky

Instead of stressing over your lack of accomplishment, dive into something stress free. Start a new show, go to the local theater and indulge in some popcorn, makes plans with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Accept the challenge you are facing and give your mind a break.

Stimulate the mind in other ways


If you have hobbies or creative outlets, start a project. Again, any new activity will stimulate the brain and allow you to see things through a different lens. Paint, work on a home improvement project, or take photographs. Visually stimulating the mind by visiting a museum or art gallery can also be beneficial to gain inspiration.

Write Anything

When you unable to focus on the project at hand, let your mind wander and write anything that comes to mind. Free writing is only seen by your eyes, so see where it leads you and set aside a few minutes to write in this style.

Reach out to others

Reaching out to close friends and family for feedback on your subject is another great tip. Marketing companies use focus groups to gather research for example, why not apply the same approach when you are stuck on words and ideas.



This may seem obvious but practice healthy habits. Since writer’s block causes stress, ensure you are taking proper steps to stay healthy. Keep a water bottle, energy bars, vitamins and nutritious snacks in the house or office. Sufficient sleep is crucial for body and brain function so try to get at least 7 or 8 hours.

The next time you are in a bind, try a couple of these tips, keep stress levels down and don’t lose hope!



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